The Vibrant Business Scene of Den Haag

Nov 14, 2023


Welcome to, your ultimate resource for discovering the vibrant business scene in Den Haag, also known as The Hague. In this article, we will delve into the thriving business community and the abundance of shopping opportunities that make Den Haag a prime destination for both local and international entrepreneurs.

Discover Den Haag's Business Districts

Den Haag boasts several well-established business districts that attract a diverse range of industries. The city center is home to the iconic Central Business District (CBD), where you'll find an impressive array of corporate headquarters, financial institutions, and professional services firms. The CBD is a hub of activity, where networking opportunities and collaborations thrive.

For businesses focused on technology and innovation, the Binckhorst district is a must-visit. This up-and-coming area is transforming former industrial spaces into cutting-edge offices, shared workspaces, and startup incubators. The Binckhorst's creative atmosphere fosters entrepreneurship, making it an ideal location for forward-thinking businesses.

If you're seeking a more serene setting, the Statenkwartier district offers a unique combination of business and leisure. This area is known for its elegant architecture and upscale shops, creating a high-end, sophisticated environment that draws businesses in the fashion, design, and art industries.

Supportive Business Environment

Den Haag prides itself on providing a supportive business environment that caters to the needs of entrepreneurs. With its highly educated workforce, excellent infrastructure, and favorable tax policies, the city attracts companies of all sizes.

The local government actively encourages entrepreneurship through various initiatives, grants, and startup programs. Den Haag invests in the development of innovative industries, including technology, sustainable energy, and creative sectors. This emphasis on innovation fosters a dynamic business culture and positions the city as a leader in several cutting-edge fields.

A Global Hub for International Business

Den Haag's position as the political capital of the Netherlands and its close proximity to international organizations such as the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court make it an ideal location for businesses with international ambitions.

The presence of numerous embassies, consulates, and multinational corporations further solidify Den Haag's status as a global business hub. The city offers a wealth of networking opportunities and promotes cross-border collaborations, enabling businesses to tap into a diverse range of markets and establish valuable connections.

Shopping Opportunities in Den Haag

As a business professional, downtime is just as important as work. Den Haag's vibrant shopping scene provides ample opportunities for relaxation and retail therapy. From luxury boutiques to trendy concept stores, the city offers a wide array of shopping options to suit every taste.

The famous shopping street, De Passage, is a true retail paradise. With its stunning architecture and prestigious brands, this historical shopping arcade is a must-visit for fashion enthusiasts. Take a leisurely stroll through its elegant corridors, and indulge in luxury shopping experiences.

If you prefer a more eclectic shopping experience, Den Haag's trendy neighborhoods, such as Zeeheldenkwartier and Frederik Hendriklaan, will not disappoint. These districts are known for their bohemian charm and independent boutiques, offering unique and one-of-a-kind products.


Den Haag's thriving business community, supportive environment, and exquisite shopping opportunities make it an ideal destination for entrepreneurs and professionals alike. Whether you're establishing a new business or expanding your current operations, Den Haag provides the perfect setting to thrive and grow.

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